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Confidentiality policy

This confidentiality policy is aimed at helping you better understand the principles and rules applicable to the collection, use and processing of personal data when you visit the website www.effbe-diaphragm.com.

1) Which personal data are collected and for what purpose?

When you use the contact forms on this website, we collect or are liable to collect several types of information:

  • company
  • surname
  • first name
  • email
  • postal address
  • country
  • telephone number
  • company and department

Such personal data are only collected with your consent. The data obtained are used for the technical and commercial purposes for which you have contacted us.

Any use of the personal data for other purposes will require your prior consent.

2) How are your personal data collected?

We collect the data you provide, particularly when:

  • you contact EFFBE France via the contact form
  • you send EFFBE France your technical request via the technical form

3) What is the information you are likely to receive?

When you give us your personal data, you are likely to receive technical or commercial information from EFFBE France.

4) Are the data shared with third parties?

The personal data collected on the website are intended exclusively for our own use. In no event are they transferred, rented or sold to third parties without your prior consent.

We may use the services of approved and trusted subcontractors (service providers, hosting companies, representatives, suppliers) to process data on our behalf, in accordance with these confidentiality and security rules.

Besides, personal data may be disclosed to third parties if that is required under applicable laws or regulations.

5) What is the purpose of cookies?

Cookies are used on this website for the purpose of statistical analyses. In order to optimise the content and services of the website and adapt them to your expectations, the website www.effbe-diaphragm.com collects your IP address (an IP address is the number given to your computer by the Internet service provider). The information is anonymous and reflect all logging in operations, and not merely those of a single individual.

By browsing the site, you can accept or disable cookies at any time, individually or altogether. If you refuse cookies, your browsing experience will not be affected.

In accordance with the recommendations of the French data protection authority, cookies are retained for a maximum period of 13 months.

6) How are your personal data protected?

We agree to take all the technical and organisational steps required for the application of appropriate security measures to protect your personal data collected so that they are not lost, diverted, viewed, edited or disclosed by unauthorised third parties.

The personal data collected are stored on servers located in the European Union.

7) What is the storage period of personal data?

Personal data are only stored for the duration required for the purposes of collection as indicated in paragraph 3 relating to the purpose of data collection. The storage period for personal data shall not in any event exceed 36 months.

We agree to erase personal data from our databases at the end of that period.

8) What are your rights?

In accordance with applicable regulations, you have the following rights:

  • right of access and rectification
  • right of deletion of personal data
  • right to withdraw consent at any time
  • right to object to the processing of personal data
  • right to data portability

You may exercise these rights at any time by sending us

  • an email to the following address: info-diaphragm@effbe.com ou info-gamma@effbe.com
  • or a letter to the following address:

153, rue du Général de Gaulle

In that regard, please enclose with your email or letter the information that is indispensable for identifying you (surname, first name, position in the company, email address) and any other information required for confirming your identity (copy of your identification card).

If you elect to exercise your rights, we will endeavour to reply to your request as promptly as possible, within the maximum limit of one month provided by law, at no cost for you.

9) How can you contact us and state your choices about the use of your data?

For any query or complaint relating to this document and generally relating to the collection and processing of personal data, please feel free to contact us at the email address info-diaphragm@effbe.com ou info-gamma@effbe.com or send a letter to the following address:
153, rue du Général de Gaulle